About Numberella

Numberella combines cutting edge gamification pedagogy with curriculum based questions to provide parents and teachers with a fast and easy way to increase student enthusiasm for maths, and accelerate fluency and fact recall. Developed in the classroom over thousands of teaching hours, Numberella only contains ideas which students love. As Georgia teacher of the year 2014 Dr. April De Gennaro says: "Numberella makes kids of all abilities beg to do math."

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Numberella Teaching Tips

The Numberella team is made up of math teachers past and present, with tens of thousand of hours teaching experience between them, allowing us huge insight into teaching maths, both from a classroom and an 'at home' perspective. We've put together two tip sheets, one for teachers, and one for parents, about how to get the best out of your students and/or children. Just enter your details into the form below to get these great free downloads.

Numberella Software

Who Is It For

Increase Student Engagement Through Continuity

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team Work

Sort students into houses to create team spirit

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Add supporters to encourage family involvement

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Incentivise the league to increase will to win

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A Social Emotional Learning Solution

Numberella™ is a social emotional learning solution for maths, combining a card and dice game with social impact software. Balancing knowledge with luck, Numberella allows children of different abilities to play together with an equal chance of winning. Trials show Numberella helps students 'process faster,' and 'think outside the box.' Free software allows teachers to create houses and leagues. Covering KS1-3, the game can be played across a whole school, with a unified league, making maths a meaningful community pursuit.

Testimonials of our Customers

'I loved Numberella. It was a brilliantly fun and educational game. It was nice, because it let me challenge myself, and you had to be quick and witty. It was educational because it lets you stretch your knowledge, and test your maths skills. It was fun as well because it let me collaborate and get to know people I wasn't so familiar with.'

"Jennifer Year 5"

'I really liked the game because I like the way that its kind of an educational game and fun at the same time; for some people who donít like school: after this, I think those people would like the game, but it is still learning.'

"Isaac / Ash Year 5"

'I liked that the game was educational and fun, it really made you stretch your brain. It tests how fast your reaction is. It was fun because its an easy challenge and it helps you with your mental maths.'

"Lekai Year 5"

'I iked it very much. Really fun for children who want to learn about maths. I like that it was educational, different types of maths for different skills. The reason for it being fun is its based off suspense. You don't know what you're going to get.'

"Anon Year 5"

'I liked the game because its good for children to learn to add, subtract, timesa nd divide mentally, so they learn quicker and it can be useful for SATS and exams and tests so they find it easy. '

"Amy C"

'Numberella is a fantastic fun and exciting game. I would say that ages from 8 and above can play. Alex was fantastic and clever to invent this game. Numberella is fantastic because it is interactive easy and it is an easy way to learn which also helps teachesr in many ways.'

"Myriam Year 5"