So let parents follow students progress on an app, and allow them to leave encouraging comments on the child’s Club Card; engage them in a process their children enjoy -and they might enjoy it too. And why not involve grandparents, who love their grandchildren more than anything? Make it as easy as scanning a QR code for Granny and Granddad to see how little Jimmy is getting on at maths. Extend the potential of this by dividing children into houses based on the Numberella characters, to encourage a ‘whole school’ culture. Have Numberella teams, house v house, school v school –and make maths an exciting part of school life that everyone wants to be involved in –because everyone feels like they could win.

In short, use Numberella Hardware and Software to createa ‘Universal Intervention’ which can ‘change the norms, skills and attitudes of the entire population, thus creating a “sustaining environment”’ where maths can flourish.