Who Is It For

Combining elements of classic games like Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders with the Maths Syllabuses of the UK and the US is what makes Numberella a game that delivers big on educational value, and delivers big on fun. The result is a brilliant game that will leave your students begging to play again –and getting better at maths in the process. Numberella is available in 3 levels:

Level 1 –KeyStage 1 / Grades 2 - 4

Level 2 –Key Stage 2 / Grades 5 – 7

Level 3 -Key Stage 3 / Grades 8 +

Please note that Level 3 is often quite challenging for adults!

Numberella®is for you if you are a:


Put simply, there is no better way to revise the maths syllabus with your kids, than Numberella. It’s a great game in its own right, so they enjoy playing it –and every second they do, you are giving them a maths work out.

Maths Teacher

Numberella is the perfect way to earn the affection of your class, and boost their maths skills. Kids love playing Numberella, so by giving them a session where they can play, you will become more popular. From an educational perspective, you know you will be strengthening their memory for maths facts and improving their mental arithmetic. Utilising the houses and the league will give you a new dimension as you can give them team tasks and challenges which may well extend beyond the playing of Numberella.

Maths Tutor / Intervention Specialist / SEN Teacher

Numberella was built in a one on one tutoring environment, and was designed to engage children who could not be engaged in any other way. It is a godsend for tutors, intervention specialists and SEN teachers. It takes away the sense of you versus me which can arise in one on one teaching, and creates a zone where the child feels enthusiastic and comfortable. It also extends the concentration span of the child, so that a child who would previously be hard to engage beyond 15-20 minutes should now be able to concentrate for a full hour.

School Leader

Bringing Numberella into your school and running leagues across multiple year groups will enable you to invigorate your school culture. Research clearly shows that schools benefit from a house culture, as it deepens integration between year groups and gives children a sense of belonging which eases the social pressures which may otherwise arise

You can put Numberella teams together and arrange matches with other schools; or allow different classes to play each other. Use the league tables to motivate your students and enjoy an upswing in maths performances over your entire school. Remember –because Numberella is available in different levels, but scores in exactly the same way, you can have a meaningful competition between childen in the lower years playing Level 1, and in the Upper Years Playing Level 3.

Numberella Clubs

If you are a tutor or teacher and you would like to earn money by running run your own Numberella Club, you can do so. I have been running a Numberella Club successfully for over a year, and kids love playing. To run a Numberella Club, just apply for a license via the website. To get one you will need to have an enhanced CRB certification.