Self - Motivation

In their formative first two decades, individuals spend about 15,000hr in schools. Thus schools represent a primary socializing influence that has enormous impact on the course of people lives and, in turn, on society. Ideal school systems are ones that succeed in promoting in students a genuine enthusiasm for learning and accomplishment and a sense of volitional involvement in the educational enterprise.

Numberella is an incredible intrinsic motivator. Because each question answered correctly or each victorious dice roll is a source of real success for the child, it stimulates more efficient learning through positive experience. It develops in children the self confidence that comes with success. Success breeds success! Once a child starts to get positive results from the game he will want to come back for more and more

Not only is the game fun to play it also allows for kids of all levels to play together without risk of any player feeling left out. This is because all the players can win despite having different levels of knowledge. The Harry Hijack card is the safeguard against any player suffering embarrassment or a feeling of inadequacy for not knowing an answer, and in this way kids never feel demotivated from playing.

Numberella is a game designed to give all players the chance of winning. Win once, and you believe you can win again. For a child who has never done well at maths, this can be a game changer.